Monday, April 9, 2012


I don't have a teenager. I don't even have kids. Why in the world am I writing this post?

Our church has a mentor system in place where some adults take a youth kid under their wing and mentor and disciple them.

So my dilemma and question to throw out to this lovely family is how do you get a youth kid to be on fire for Christ? This girl says she wants a relationship with God but what I see is that the world is tantalizing her. She is being honest about her desire but I don't think she sees how much the world pulls her or how dangerous it is. Half the time she doesn't understand why her parents and myself get upset by her choices.

What can I do with that????

Monday, October 31, 2011

My family

I am getting quite excited about going to SoCal for thanksgiving. I cannot wait to see all the women of our family. I can't wait to be tackled by children. I can't wait for our time together! Oh, yeah, the men too. Almost forgot them.

We actually have a rose growing on this last day of October.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Blogger has an app now. So get to blogging huyernancobmons (that is hoy hernandez Jacobs Simmons)

Monday, May 30, 2011

5 minutes to clean

So my mom and jessica helped spur an idea for me and you all can join me. All of us could get up five minutes earlier. I mean how hard is that? So I propose we get up five minutes earlier (or stay up five minutes in the evening) and do five minutes of housework. Next week you get up five minutes earlier than that. And so on. I am starting today. Its a five day schedule so I get the weekends off.

So week 1:
Day 1: change the sheets on your bed and throw the others in the wash. Don't have two sets? Then toss them in the wash and finish up tonight.
Day 2: make your bed and pick up your room with the remaining time.
Day 3: make your bed, pick up your room, and dust your room.
Day 4: make your bed pick up your room and vacuum/sweep your room.
Day 5: make your bed and pick up your room and finish up any other details so your room is sparkling.

Day 6 and 7 rest but make sure you still make your bed an pick up after yourself. Next week we will continue this and add the bathroom!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Maybe Someday :)

I'm always worrying, about my quilt, that Grandma made me. The daisy quilt as we call it. It's slowly falling apart. Used and loved. I know it has a few years left, but I know she will never be able to make me another one. I'm very sad about that. But it was during one of these worry sessions, that I came up with an idea, that may never take place, but I want to none the less. I want to come and stay at Aunt Turtles house, for as long as I can or need to, and learn how to quilt. I want to be able to just stay there until I finish one quilt. Wouldn't that be fun?? Maybe someday :)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Women Are Always Right - In the Kitchen

A common conversation in our house revolves around the kitchen. Eric is in charge of kitchen duty after dinner, but no matter what he does, he should've done it the way I would. He is to load the dishwasher just so, so that the little, light items are wedged in and don't end up upside down filled with dirty dish water. He's also supposed to leave the water running, so that he doesn't waste time turning the water on and off, though he says it wastes water. He's supposed to put the dishes away exactly where they go, instead of in random places usually in the highest place in the cupboard, so that when I finally find the item that I'm looking for, I can't reach it. Also, dirty dishes, shouldn't be left in the sink, because then I can't use the sink to rinse vegetables or pasta, they should be rinsed and placed on the counter to the right of the sink, stacked up nicely. And don't even try to cook in the kitchen, if you aren't going to do things the way I would, I will let my opinion be known. The ironic part is that Eric is in charge of keeping the kitchen clean, I will help occasionally, be he does the bulk of the work. Are other women like this in the kitchen? or is it because I went to culinary school, and the kitchen is where I feel most comfortable?

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Mr. & Mrs.

Briana asked: "If you could give a woman getting married one piece of advice, what would it be?"

There is a phrase that we use around this house and it goes like this: "You should expect that the person you are dating is as good as they are going to get because when you're dating you're putting your best foot forward."  I have talked to many girls who have closed their eyes and hoped for change and just jumped into marriage.  It is a painful thing to watch and the consequences are lifelong.

My advice would to be to keep your eyes open and investigate before marriage and then squint them after!  When you still have the chance to gracefully depart from the relationship, find out if those nitty gritty details are ones that you can live with for the next 30+ years.  If so, and at the Lord's leading, proceed.

After you are married, let those nitty gritty details go and change your focus to serving and giving your all for your spouse.

A broken marriage is a painful thing and marriage is not something to get into without much thought and prayer!

- Julee